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Verena Vomastic, PhD

MELT Hand and Foot Instructor

Colorado Springs, CO

New Science of the Human Body

The 21-hour MELT Hand and Foot Instructor training explores the scientific basis of MELT and prepares instructors to teach the Hand and Foot Treatment in one-on-one and group settings.

Verena Vomastic, PhD, is a certified Advanced Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine and Holistic Stress Management Instructor. In her private practice and experiential workshops, she integrates proven energy-medicine approaches to help her clients release stress, overcome health and wellness challenges, and find more joy, balance, and success in their lives. She specializes in healing the wounds of physical and emotional trauma through repairing the energy body’s skeleton, the basic grid. This work tends to serve as an enabler for individuals to reclaim their true power and manifest profound changes in their lives. Her workshops focus on quick-and-easy techniques for addressing common health concerns and boosting overall vitality and resiliency. Verena comes from a scientific background with a PhD in mathematics and an accomplished career in developing and implementing advanced-technology solutions for U.S. military operations worldwide. Now immersed in the rapidly expanding field of energy medicine, she uses her intuitive and practical skills to devise effective holistic treatments based on specific client needs. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals to raise their vibration, pursue their dreams, and transform their lives. Verena has been a fitness-enthusiast all her life and enjoys sharing her favorite practices, to include MELTing and yoga. She lives in the mountains near Manitou Springs, CO, and loves traveling the world and spending time in the great outdoors.

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