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Sarah Shaikh

MELT Instructor

Cleveland, OH

New Science of the Human Body

The 21-hour MELT Hand and Foot Instructor training explores the scientific basis of MELT and prepares instructors to teach the Hand and Foot Treatment in one-on-one and group settings.

Instructor Training

The 50-hour MELT Instructor Training equips graduates with an understanding of the MELT Reconnect, Rebalance, Rehydrate, and Release techniques using the MELT soft foam roller.

Roller and Hand/Foot. Children and adults. My clients include the following: multisports (swim, bike, run), yogis, tennis and golf players, Crossfit enthusiasts, Spartan racers, airline pilots, musicians, artists, desk job workers, gardeners, and international travelers. I frequently work with persons suffering from: insomnia/anxiety/parasympathetic imbalance, chemotherapy side effects, chronic diseases (MS and Parkinson's) and autoimmune disorders, auto accidents, diabetes, and addiction recovery. A recent client successfully incorporate Melt as part of their transition to a sugar-free diet.

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Upcoming Classes

Class Day Class Time Location City/State
MELT Saturday 1:00 pm ASAP Fitness
Rocky River, OH